Tuesday, March 17, 2020

CDE Information Session Recap

The Center for Digital Engagement hosted an information session to let students know all of the ins and outs of the 9 week digital marketing internship.
The Executive's in Residence such as Jenn Hayman, Director of Marketing for Zingerman's, and Eric Wortman, Account Executive at Google, introduced themselves and expressed the value they believe students will gain from this experience.

We heard from a panel of past interns who have successfully completed the internship and have now launched themselves into careers in digital marketing. Makenna Giles, who worked with LawnGuru, continued to work with them after the internship. She says that she never would've given this company a look if it weren't for this opportunity. She loves the creative freedom she has to do graphic design and content creation and loves how the opportunity has grown her confidence in her skills.

Gabby Miller worked with TrueJob and learned the importance of the 'fail faster' method we preach in the internship. She quickly realized that she doesn't enjoy writing blogs or articles and would rather spend her time producing content for social media. She now works at Nachi Robotics as a Marketing Specialist.

We also heard from some of the companies that got to benefit from our CDE interns. Sam Chuisano, from LiquidGoldConcept, expressed she loved that the interns brought in skill sets that were different from one another and she even ended up learning things from them! Dave Morin from Impellia said that his interns did a great job adjusting to start-up life culture. At Impellia, it is important to be self-directed and work independently, and his interns did just that.

The CDE is looking forward to gaining 48 new interns this summer to provide a great experience as mentioned above. Are you interested in being a part of this unique experience? Apply now.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Upcoming CDE Events

Whether you're a student, business professional or community member, I'm sure you'll find something of value at any of our upcoming CDE events. Read to find out more about what you can expect.

Our Google Tour happening March 6th is the only event exclusive to EMU students. Students get to hear from EMU alums who have successfully navigated their careers and now find themselves at Google. They will be able to discover Google's wide scope of activities in Ann Arbor and Southeast Michigan as well as find out the best tips to successfully launch their careers in digital! This event sold out in less than 2 hours! 

Our Clinic Information Session will be on March 10th at the EMU College of Business. Students can attend to learn what to expect as a 2020 intern. 48 interns, 24 local Ann Arbor companies, 6 mentors, 9 weeks, $15 an hour is just a small glimpse of what there is to know. Hear from past interns and companies that you'll potentially be working with to get an insight on projects that have been completed in the past. The session is open to all majors, please register to attend. 

Our Effective Sales with Email Marketing panel moderated by Jenn Hayman, Director of Marketing for Zingerman's will be on March 24th. Listen to digital marketing professionals and receive insight as to how you can use email marketing in your business to impact your sales and connect with consumers. This event will take place at SPARK East in Ypsilanti. Refreshments will be served. If interested, please register here. 

Our Multichannel Digital Campaigns panel moderated by Eric Wortman, Senior Account Executive at Google Ann Arbor, will be on April 7th. Learn what it means to use various channels in order to create effective digital campaigns. This event will take place at SPARK East in Ypsilanti. Refreshments will be served. We would love to have you attend. Please register here

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Digital Marketing Workshop Takes On Fox 2

The creator of the Digital Marketing Workshop and director of the Center for Digital Engagement, Bud Gibson, was featured on Fox 2 this morning to tell us all about the upcoming event.

"The Speed of Change" is the theme of this year's conference which will teach businesses how to get up to speed with the ever so changing world of digital marketing. Learning how to establish a presence on social platforms, and using different tools along social platforms is just some of the key information they will go home with. Clinic interns will also get the opportunity to showcase their work in the clinic, and how the opportunity has impacted where they are now.

A few tickets are still on sale for $70, so be sure to get them now if you haven't.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Getting the Leg Up When Applying for Jobs - Profile on Nicole Raymond

        Want a leg up when applying for jobs? That’s exactly what Nicole Raymond got through her experience at the Center for Digital Engagement.  Working with start-up companies is unlike a normal work environment, and the experience you gain can take you far past the 8-week internship that the CDE offers. 
        After growing up in Fenton, Nicole came to Eastern Michigan University to find her passion.  She came into college undecided, and after a few years decided on a major in public relations with a minor in marketing.  “I was drawn to the internship clinic because it was hands on,” Nicole shared. “In public relations, we do a lot of outreach and plans, but this gave me the technical experience I needed!”
Experience is definitely what Nicole got when placed with TrueJob, the Ann Arbor based job board platform.  “My first day they named me the Director of Marketing!” she exclaimed.  “They trusted me immediately, which was a bit scary, but it helped me really understand what I was doing.”  Nicole was able to learn new skills while perfecting the ones she already had.
It was the internship experience that gave her an advantage when applying for her current job as a marketing specialist at Builder Funnel, a contractor marketing company.  At the CDE, interns do a lot more than just get a job.  All interns must attend a weekly clinic meeting with speakers from the Ann Arbor area, as well as get certified in Google Analytics and write weekly blog posts. It isn’t just the job skills you learn that make you marketable, it’s the clinic aspect as well.  “I was certified in Google Analytics and Hubspot, and Bud gave me a great recommendation,” Nicole said.
“I really learned how to be confident in myself,” Nicole explained.  “They throw you right in, and that’s how you learn.”  Working with TrueJob even helped Nicole realized her passion was in strategic marketing.
Nicole’s advice to anyone thinking about the clinic is simply to just do it.  “You get experience, you get paid, and you get an invaluable networking community,” she said.  “What more could you ask for?”  Don’t take it from just her, see for yourself why the CDE Summer Internship Clinic could be your stepping stone to a successful career.  Check out our website and meet some of the start-up companies you could work with at our Digital Marketing Workshop on November 15th.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

From Farm to Ford Motor Company - Profile on Andrew Kanitz

For Andrew Kanitz, life took a turn towards digital after he decided to take a chance on the CDE Summer Internship Clinic.  Growing up, Andrew lived on a rural farm in Milan.  Life consisted of sports, farm work, and family; so coming to Eastern Michigan University was a bit of a culture shock.  After changing his degree four times, Andrew finally decided to pursue what sparked his interest most--people.  As a public relations major with a draw to technology and data, Andrew got connected with clinic director Bud Gibson and associate professor of public relations, Jamie Ward.  

Andrew was a part of the first-ever CDE Summer Internship Clinic in 2015, working with an internet marketing service called ContentOro. After learning a lot about cold calling, email marketing, and social media, Andrew landed a full-time job there while still in school! “I learned so much about myself during this experience,” Andrew explained.  

The experience he had from the CDE is what eventually prepared him for his current job as a Connected Vehicle Feature Development and Data Engineer with Ford Motor Company.  And yes...he got that job as a Communication major!  “My boss took a chance on me because I have the ability to communicate in a concise manner about all things data.” Andrew shared.  “My experience with the CDE was one of the best someone could have.”

In the internship and throughout his career, one thing Andrew learned is that you are allowed to fail.  “Accept when you’re wrong,” he explained. “And whatever you say, say with confidence.  One of the best answers you can give someone is I’m not sure, but I will find out.”  In start-up culture, these companies are hungry for workers.  You get the chance to impact things that affect their bottom line, and that’s exactly why students like Andrew are able to learn so much throughout their experience.

“One of the biggest pieces of advice I can give someone who is thinking about doing the CDE Summer Internship is to just do it,” Andrew said.  “This job can literally pave the pathway to your future career.”  Another thing Andrew mentioned is to learn some sort of coding language to help diversify your skillset.  In today’s day and age, artificial intelligence is everywhere and it all uses some type of programming language.  “Don’t be afraid if you can’t figure something out.  We have a world of resources at our fingertips, and you can Google anything.”

So...what’s holding you back from starting your career off strong?  No matter your background, major, or stage in life, digital marketing could be for you!  Check out our website to find more about the CDE Summer Internship Clinic and how it could be the perfect fit for you!

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Discovering Your Passion - Profile on Dasha Jones

When pursuing a degree, an important question to ask yourself is simply, “Do I like this?”  As a junior in college, Dasha Jones was in that exact situation and wanted to see if marketing was right for her.  After three years of selling Sony cameras at Best Buy, she was able to land an internship with the CDE.  Now, she is using the experience she has and applying for jobs all over the United States!

During Dasha’s time in the CDE Summer Internship Clinic, the marketing major was able to manage the social media of her start-up company, ShapeLog.  ShapeLog has created a device that tracks individual fitness goals and acts as a mini personal trainer.  Dasha did a lot of research, ads, and even photography for the company, some of which are still on their website. “This job throws you right in and gives you hands-on experience,” she shared.  “It isn’t your classic run and get coffee internship.”

After the clinic ended, Dasha stayed with ShapeLog for six months while going to school.  Upon graduation, she landed a job at Stardock Systems, doing a lot of writing and content for the gaming company.  “It was the experience I gained from my internship that got me the job,” Dasha explained.  Now, Dasha is pursuing opportunities in the Windy City, as she landed two interviews for marketing positions in Chicago. 

Although Dasha dreams of working in the beauty industry as a Director of Marketing, she has some other things up her sleeves as well.  She’s started a business from her phone, making wigs and selling them on Instagram.  In addition to the wigs, Dasha is also passionate about photography (@thewigshowcase and @dashajart on Instagram).  “I’d love to pursue one of those full time,” Dasha shared.

Overall, Dasha expressed that the internship is something everybody should do. “This internship will prepare you for your future no matter what your major or career path is,” she said.  “You get the chance to meet amazing people and network with them.  Plus, you get paid!”

Don’t miss your chance to meet amazing people, build your resume, and get paid!  Check out our website for more information about the Center for Digital Engagement and to keep up with all of our events.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Matching Skill with Passion - Profile on Alondra Ramos-Herrera

Do you want to take your work experience to the next level?  That’s exactly what Alondra Ramos-Herrera did when she took the chance on CDE’s Summer Internship Clinic.  Alondra spent a lot of her college career working management level positions at stores such as Rue 21, Aldo, and Garage.  After working retail job after retail job, Alondra finally pursued her passion for social media at Mi Padrino.  Mi Padrino is your one-stop shop to planning a quinceanera.  Clients can get in touch with vendors, get assistance planning, and develop their style on Mi Padrino’s platform.  When Alondra heard Bud Gibson, the clinic director, talk about Mi Padrino in her interview, she knew that it was exactly where she wanted to end up.  

During her internship, Alondra was able to do a lot of email marketing, as well as cold calling.  While in school, she had started a fashion blog on Instagram, which developed quite a following.  Realizing that social media was what she wanted to do, Alondra approached her boss to see how she could utilize those skills.  “One of the best pieces of advice I could give someone in my position would be to not be afraid of letting your leaders know what you’re good at!” she explained.  Once the leadership team at Mi Padrino saw her previous social media work with the blog, they were sold!

Alondra now works full time at Mi Padrino doing social media and has grown their Instagram presence from a couple hundred to over 20,000 followers.  “I absolutely love what I do and the people I work with,” she shared. “I know the company is growing, and I want to grow with them!”

The CDE Summer Internship Clinic was about much more than just a job for Alondra.  “You meet so many people and you learn so much,” she said.  “You get what you put into it.”  For her, that meant a full-time job!  “As an intern with these start-up companies, you get the opportunity to really make an impact and sell yourself on what you’re good at,” Alondra explained, and that was exactly what she did.

“My one word of advice is to talk to everybody,” Alondra said.  “I never really thought about bringing up that I liked social media until the fashion blog.  If that hadn’t come up, I may not be where I am today!”

Companies all over Ann Arbor are looking for skills that might match up perfectly with your passions.  Get connected with the business leaders in your community at our Digital Marketing Workshop on November 15th.