Saturday, August 17, 2019

The Importance of Networking

As we wrap up the 2019 CDE Summer Internship clinic, the journey has really just started.  For all of the interns involved, the clinic has given us a platform to build our network and sell ourselves to future employers! 

Throughout the clinic, it has been stressed that networking is very important.  The reception afterwards proved it.  Interns from both cohorts mingled with professionals in the local community on Wednesday, August 14th. 

"It was great to get to know some of these people in a more relaxed setting, while also having some quality conversation!" Jamie Ferguson stated.  She had been working with PassiveBolt over the course of her internship, and had nothing but rave reviews.

With the clinic over, many interns are continuing with the companies that they were placed with.  Makenna Giles, with LawnGuru, is continuing her role as a social media manager.  "We had fun throughout the internship, and I'm glad I can continue the experience into this next semester.  I'm part of the Guru Fam now!"

Did you miss out on the clinic this year?  No need to worry, the networking opportunities have just begun!  In November, the CDE will be hosting a Digital Marketing Workshop to help you get ahead of the game in your field, as well as chat with local business leaders.  CDE Alumni and interested students are encouraged to come join in on the fun!

Overall, the CDE Summer Internship clinic was an amazing experience, and one that I value.  If you have any questions regarding networking, job experience, or what exactly the mentors are looking for when interviewing candidates, please reach out to us on Facebook or shoot me an email at

Friday, August 16, 2019

Final Words of Advice & Graduation Photos!

This summer flew by, especially for our summer clinic interns who spent the summer working with start-up companies! This past Tuesday and Wednesday, all of our interns graduated and attended a networking event directly afterwards. Intern, Jinkyung Byun, surprised all of the mentors with an appreciation plaque for all of their hard work. All of the interns sincerely appreciate all of the time and effort that the mentors put into this program and that was the perfect way to show it! We are so proud of all of the hard work that the interns have put in with all of the start-up companies. If you are an intern, mentor or you would like to see the graduation there will be some pictures below! Luckily, we were also able to snag a few last piece of advice from our interns:

“Do your best, Forget the rest! Go CDE!" - DeAndre Hicks 

"This internship has granted me the opportunity to gain relevant industry experience, in addition to ample networking opportunities. Both are crucial to finding a good job before or after graduation." - Josh Lewis

My name is Brian Kinsley, an intern working with TechStak & ShopWindow. This is the quote I use on my portfolio site: 
“Give then what they want, but never what they expect...” - V. McMahon

"The clinic gave me the opportunity to put into practice skills I've been learning in class, but haven't gotten the chance to use yet. As a grad student, this is particularly important. I also have the advantage now of going back onto the job market with tangible, numerical results from my start up that I can use to showcase the value I bring to future employers."  -- Vee Kennedy. EMU concurrent MA student in Written Communications and Creative Writing.

"The thing that made me most successful with my company was taking initiative and doing work on my own. The mindset to find the next thing to do made a good impact with the CEO, and led to me growing my skills and accomplishing a lot." - Lexi Morgan 

"Not only did this internship give me the experience I was looking for, it gave me confidence in a future career path." - David Moening

"No matter if you are an intern or a CEO, put your whole heart into everything that you do. All your hard work will pay off in the end!" - Jess Robine

Our interns also had the pleasure of listening to a final panel speaker, Eric Wortman, who is in charge of Sports and Ticketing for Google, give us one last piece of career advice:

"Do not underestimate yourself. Be confident in your experiences because no one has the exact same set of experiences as you do. You are one of a kind." - Eric Wortman

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That's a Wrap: Graduation Summer 2019

Yesterday evening, the Wednesday Cohort finished up the 2019 Summer Digital Clinic with a lovely soiree at Ann Arbor’s Bar Louie. Each participant who finished the clinic received not only certification from the CDE Clinic, but also successfully completed either Google Analytics or Google Ads Certification (or both). This summer’s highly successful clinic was the biggest yet, with combined cohorts of 48 students!

Before the party, the Wednesday Cohort students were given graduating parting words by four stellar entrepreneurial leaders and friends of the CDE Clinic: Chad Wiebesick of Destination Ann Arbor, Shaina Bertrang of LawnGuru, Dave Warren of Impellia, and Steve Lowisz of Qualigence. Each offered sound advice for “launching into the Post-Clinic world.”

Wiebesick reminded participants of the importance of social media branding, and of the possibility that social media can come back to haunt you. He went on to emphasize the importance of networking, telling participants that his most successful career changes were “less about who I knew, and more about who knew me.”

Bertrang encouraged participants to question authority and to confront failure head-on. “In your future, you are going to work for people and with people who might be wrong. Challenge their assumptions and hypotheses and show what value you bring to the table. The best idea always wins.”

Like the others, Warren encouraged networking, but also emphasized the importance of in-person, face to face networking, as opposed to simply using social media for networking.

Last but not least, Lowisz shared his story regarding having hired a former clinic participant who has since become an indispensable part of his team. He imparted a story with participants regarding his understanding of the digital translation, and what a colleague had succinctly distilled for him years before. “Marketing is not about the services you offer, or the products or widgets you might make, it’s about the narrative you tell. In the digital sphere, you’re telling that narrative to the world.”

With that, participants and community members went down stairs to mingle, enjoy a game of Human Bingo, and enjoy the outdoor air on a lovely summer Ann Arbor evening as they celebrated the biggest and most successful summer clinic yet!

Monday, August 12, 2019

Student Intern Spotlight: Jinkyung Byun

In this edition of the Student Intern Spotlight, we will take a look at someone who has a very unique story to tell. Meet Jinkyung Byun! Jinkyung is a Marketing and Human Resources Major at Eastern Michigan University. She is actually an international student from South Korea. She has a CPT (Curricular Practical Training) visa which is a program that temporarily allows international students with an F-1 visa to gain practical experience directly related to their major through employment and internships. Jinkyung has been a student of Bud Gibson for the past two semesters and discovered the Center for Digital Engagement from his classes.

Jinkyung is working for CSEG Powertrain Live which is a startup engineering company in Ann Arbor. It is actually the only cloud- based vehicle simulation model that checks fuel efficiency animations that condense the design process from 6 months to 6 minutes. Her main focus was industry research and how she can get the target audience to purchase the product. 

Jinkyung’s favorite part about the cohort meetings is being able to practice her public speaking. Coming over to the United States, Jinkyung felt less confident because of a language barrier but she likes to communicate with people. Also, the expert panels have helped Jinkyung understand the working field better.

Jinkyung plans to be a marketer after she graduates in 2020. Even though she has had offers from Korean companies, she wants a position with an American company and wants to learn more about American culture. She wants to encourage other international students to be apart of the Center for Digital Engagement.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Student Intern Spotlight: Yulia Brown

In the CDE, many of our interns are undergraduate students or recent grads. Not too many of our interns have Master’s degrees. It’s not often that a typical intern, if there was a such thing, has a Master’s degree from another country. Meet Yulia Brown! Yulia is a 24 years old and has her Master’s degree in Film Production from Russia (Yes Russia!) She has lived in Russia, Vietnam, California, and we are now lucky to have her in Michigan. She currently takes classes in Film Production at Washtenaw Community College, which is also how she found out about the Center for Digital Engagement.

Yulia is working with Pathware this summer. Pathware creates solutions to simplify digital pathology workflows and reduce the rate of repeat procedures. (Clink here for more information on Pathware is in charge of brand image and content creation. During the time of the internship she’s been creating a video for the companies’ investors, it includes planning, filming and postproduction editing. She has only been to the office once to meet everyone before filming. This is a reality of working remotely, when the main way of communicating is through video conferences. Yulia has never experienced a workspace where everyone is spaced out and it was challenging but she was able to succeed.

The most challenging thing for Yulia, before the internship, was public speaking. Interns have to present progress reports in Cohort Meetings every week. What made these reports easier for Yulia was the fact that every intern understood the marketing space. Overall, Yulia has learned more about how to be confident in presenting ideas, and how to organize the production of a video. She has gathered people around to deliver a positive result and has become a flexible team-player.

Yulia feels that she has gotten 110 times more than what she has expected out of this program. She’s already gotten a GM Talent Recruiter to inform her about a Content Creator position! However, the CDE Clinic has shown her that she wants to work for herself. She feels very accomplished with what she has done in the past 8 weeks.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

The interview you've all been waiting for...Bud Gibson

If you are a student at the College of Business, an intern with the CDE, or even a small business owner, there's a good chance you know Bud Gibson.  He is constantly chatting with students about future career endeavors and working behind the scenes to make the clinic run successfully (and let's face it...he's the one calling you even if you're only a minute late to class). 
However, Bud's done way more than just been a professor his whole life.  In fact, he's been fluent in three languages and has degrees from Egypt and France in addition to the United States!  As a French and Linguistics double major, Bud spent the majority of his early career focusing on economic development in northern Africa.  One thing led to another, and he decided to get his MBA at Wharton.

Bud GibsonOnce he got that degree, Bud worked as an international airline and healthcare consultant...but he wanted more.  Finally, he went back to get his PhD from Carnegie-Mellon University.  That, my friends, is what lead him to the work that he does today.

"I like staying in touch with students and seeing them grow their careers," Bud shared.  That is why he decided to start the Center for Digital Engagement internship.  "People would always ask me to recommend interns who could work outside a classroom environment."

For 13 years, Bud has been running his class "practicum" style, with students having the chance to work with real organizations.  You probably know this if you've ever taken any of his classes outside the clinic.  Finally, the summer internship came about.  "The idea of the clinic is to give students a place where they can work with real companies, but also receive mentoring," Bud explained.  "It's not perfect, we don't always succeed, but the success rate is high."

So, I asked Bud, "What are you looking for in future candidates of the clinic?"  His response was very simple.  He wants someone with drive, intelligence, and the willingness to learn.  Working with startups is something that requires a lot of "fail faster" moments, and he wants to make sure the interns can handle it!  "Relevant experience is important...but the willingness to learn is what I often find to be the determinant."

Are you a student and wondering whether or not the clinic is right for you?  Just have a chat with Bud...I promise he'll talk you into it like he did me!

Friday, August 9, 2019

The Career Advice You Didn't Know You Needed

Welcome! This week, our interns had the pleasure of listening to panel speakers Thomas Lipscomb, Shaina Bertrang and Sam Chusiano talk about their experiences with start-ups and what they learned along the way. Tom is the Vice President of Sales for PassiveBolt, the designers of smart locks for your house. Shaina works for LawnGuru, a company that offers all your lawn services in one place and the best part is, you can purchase them online. Sam is the Chief Operating Officer at LiquidGoldConcept, a breast health and lactation education company.

The Advice:

"Sometimes you have to pick up worms." - Shaina Bertrang 

I know picking up worms might sound weird, but just hear me out. Shaina told us a story about the time that her old office had investors coming into town and everything had to be perfect. It rained the night before and when everyone arrived at the office, there were worms covering the parking lot. In an attempt to better her companies presentation to the vendors, Shaina and her team had to go out and pick up all the worms. The purpose behind this is: "Your job description is just a bunch of words on a piece of paper. You'll often be required to do tasks that you feel may be below your pay grade. Buckle down and do it. You will learn so much from that, and those skills will lead you to success."

"Don't be afraid to change your mind." - Sam Chuisano

Seems simple right? Well most of the time, we are afraid to change our minds out of fear. Sam told a story that completely changed the way I look at changing your mind. Something that may be shocking to hear is you are not throwing everything you accomplished away by changing your mind. You are actually enriching yourself by trying something new, and you have no idea how your previous knowledge is going to help you in your current role.

"Be strategic about what you're doing, where you are and where you want to be. Whatever you're doing be strategic." - Tom Lipscomb

What do you waste time on? Time management can be one of the main reasons why you aren't accomplishing your career goals. Be strategic about your time and all of the planning involved in getting where you need to go. If you spread yourself too thin, you will be too busy running in circles to get anywhere. If you don't manage your time correctly you wont be productive, and you'll never be able to move forward towards your goals. Being strategic is the key to a successful career.

What is your favorite career advice? Comment below!

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